In 2006 I was accepted into the Scenic Artist union local 829.   Since then I have worked as a scenic artist on many Films, Television shows, Theatrical productions and TV commercials.  Television highlights include The Sopranos,  New Amsterdam, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, The Good wife.   Film highlights,  Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, The Good Shepherd,  American Gangster, Rachel getting Married,  Confessions of a Shopaholic,  For Theater; Phantom of the Opera in vegas     Any- thing Goes,  That Championship Season, How to suceed in Business,  and for Commercials Capital One and Chase.

Given My background experiance in Figure/portrait painting I was often asked to create paintings for the production.   In the Case of Rachel getting Married I was asked to create the Tattoo that was transfered to Anne Hathaways Shoulder.  And for a Capital One commercial I did a pastel  chalk drawing of Alec Baldwin  on the specials board of a restaurant.

Several years ago I added the Scenic Designer catagory to my union membership.   This allows me to work as an Assistant Art director creating traditional concept sketches by hand as well as  2d digital  renditions and 3d models, envirements and sculptures.   In this capacity I worked on a Channel Commercial, a Chase commercial and on a project basis the TV show Bored to Death. 

The folowing examples are:  Top left; a chalk portrait of Alec Baldwin for a Capital One Commercial.  Top right; Hand drawn / digitally colored character concept.  Middle left;  Second row right;   A virtual dish washer modeled in Rhino. Left; A virtual rough sculp of a creecher concept, sculpted in  Z Brush. Third Row; Virtual Sculpture of a flying lizard, sculpted in Z brush. Fourth row; Flying Lizard Sculpture rendered in a Vue Envirement. Fifth Row; Space ship rendered in Photoshop. Sixth row; Design, Creation and photography for a mural depicting the transmission of content via satelite and fiber optics for CBS corporate offices. Seventh roe; Castle in the snow, Rhino and Photoshop. Eigth row; Superhero poster created for a Chase Freedom TV commercial. Rhino, Video Co-pilot plugin in After effects, Rhino, Vue, Photoshop, Ninth row; Victorian House modeled in Rhino.

I am in the process of building a site dedicated to my Concept illustration work. If you would like to be notified when it is up and running please email me at





Chalk portrait of alec baldwin for a capital one commercial  hand-digital charachter study by edward tadiello

digital 3d model of a dish washer with glass front,, modeld in rhino by edward tadiello    creecher scu;lpt

creecher sculpture 2

dragon sculp in a vue envirement

space ship rendering

CBS  corporate mural

castle in the snow

superhero poster

victorian house rhino model