My Pinup work is perhaps an extension of my romance covers and in some ways serves as a transition between my illustration work and my fine art mainly in the sense that it was self motivated as opposed to commissioned.   I was moved and influenced by Elgrin, Vargas, Thompson, Eakmen and many others to numerous to mention including some great contemporary artists.  I have published a site devoted to my pinup art.   Please check it out at    There you will find original paintings, drawings and limited and open edition giclee prints.  

You can also view and purchase this painting (bottom left) at the Pinupexpo gallery in Belgium.   The Gallery is owned by a great guy, Paul Grisar. 


pretty in pink original pinup painting by edward tadiello  Sweet shelly original pinup art by Edward Tadiello

pink original pinup painting by edward tadiello    Vail original pinup drawing by edward tadiello