As an Illustrator I created over 200 Book covers.  Mostly Romance with some westerns and Young adult covers.  My introduction to book cover illustration came in the fall of 1983 when I met a young designer named Len Leone Jr. I had heard of his father who was a well known publishing creative director.   When a mutual friend mentioned Len to me I was more then happy to meet with him.  At the time Len was working at Dell publishing for the great creative director, Gerald Cunnihan.  Len introduced me to Barbara Uland who gave me my first book cover later that year.   Until the early nineties when I began my Fine art work, illustration was my lifes work and my reason for entering the art field and book covers was my dream coming true. During those years I would work with some of the great photographers and models scheduling photoshoots for the reference. At these shoots I would  often meet fellow illustrators. One major player who probably painted more romance novels then anyone was the great painter PINO, who was also a hugely successful fine artist with international collectors. 

Much of what I am today as a fine Artist is due to my cover illustrations which helped me to form my style and to discover the endless potential that oil painting offers the artist. Those years and that work has in my opinion allowed me to enter the door of fine art, giving me a solid skill set, a foundation in picture making......

romance cover illustration by edward tadiello  Alice in wonderland cover illustration by edward tadiello

romance cover illustration by edward tadiello    western cover illustration by edward tadiello